Preferred Tee Times

2023 looks to be another booming year for Golf in Connecticut. The GHMA board recommends members pay for weekend preferred tee times. This cost is $95. If you like playing early on Saturday or Sunday please consider upgrading.

The course would like to remind us that preferred tee time members need to book times a full week in advance. Only preferred tee time members will be guaranteed times on weekends before 1pm. The course will be very busy and the demand for weekend tee times and the lack of carts available have caused the enforcement of this policy.  All questions on this should be directed to Ken Gemmell or Tim Dillman at Grassy Hill.  

Closing Day Info- Updated

Current Team List
Scorecards Preview

Association Closing Day Events

October 3rd
Breakfast Buffet

Waffles, Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, Bacon, Biscuits

Served with Juice & coffee


8:00 Shot Gun Start

Keg at the Turn
Men’s Association
After Golf Cook Out
In Sunrise Room and Back Patio
Pasta Salad & Coleslaw

Corn on the Cobb & Texas Potato Wedges
Grilled Burgers and Kielbasa, with Sauerkraut

BBQ Ribs

Roasted Garlic Chicken Quarters
2 hour Open Bar + Keg

2021 GHMA Club Championship

Unofficial Final Results

All pertinent information for this year club championship will be listed below as it becomes available.
All questions should be sent to

Food, Drink Specials and Contests-
Sunday August 29th, Round 1– $2 Canned Beer, $3 Burger and Hot Dogs. $10 – 50/50 Raffle. Ken Gemmell will have his Skins and Pins upon check in.

Saturday September 4th, Round 2 – $2 Canned Beer, $3 Burger and Hot Dogs. Keg of Beer available to members.
$10 – 50/50 Raffle. Ken Gemmell will have his Skins and Pins upon check in, possible chipping contest…

Sunday September 5th, Round 3 – $2 Canned Beer, $3 Burger and Hot Dogs. Keg of Beer available to members.
$10 – 50/50 Raffle. Ken Gemmell will have his Skins and Pins upon check in, possible chipping contest…

All Specials and Contests are available to all members during Club Championship. Those not able to play the entire tournament are encouraged to stop down and enjoy. Tee times will be available to members off the back nine during the tournament rounds.

The Ball will be played down in all unmarked areas of the course. Ground under repair and all hazards have been property marked.
The Ball must be holed, do not take a gimmie or max score. Failure to hole the ball, will result in a DQ. Those playing the Stableford Flight may pick up once no points can be earned, record X if this occurs.

Flights – Stableford on Page 2

Round 1 Pairings and Times
Round 1 Results

Round 2 Pairings and Times
Round 2 Results

Round 3 Pairings and Times
Round 3 Results

RED – WHITE – BLUE Tee Tournament

Here are the details for the weeks tournament. July 4th weekend normally has a lower turnout so why not have a fun tournament for those who can play . This round will not be eligible for GHIN because we will use all three tee boxes. See the attached scorecard to see which tee box to use for each hole. Please note the pattern starts with the Blue Tee-box on the front nine, but changes and starts with Green Tee-box on the back nine. Count two best balls of the Group, 3 or 4-somes.
I will use the Lone Ranger NTC as a model and create a new NTC for this event during the week. Handicapping for all members will be based off of the white tees. The total yardage is about 5600, have fun and have a great 4th of July!!!

Scorecard Etiquette / GHIN Profile Creation

I’d like to remind everyone to take the time to properly fill out scorecards.  If you are a returning member, I need at the minimum a Last Name, First Initial and the Tee box used if other than White.  Newer members, and those with similar names please also include GHIN number.  All scorecards need to be dated, signed and most importantly legible.  If I can’t read the name or numbers, it may not get posted.
I’ve been getting multiple tournament cards from members recently.  I will always use the first scorecard submitted by date; going forward if i get two and both aren’t dated it will be ruled a DQ. 
Scorecards submitted into the Pro-shop for weekly tournaments will be posted to your GHIN by Golf Genius. Please do not self-post tournament scores.  For all other rounds played each member is expected to self post these scores to GHIN.  After posting to GHIN please send a picture of the card to for review.  
If you need help creating a GHIN Digital Profile please reply and i can assist. I’ve included a list of those who haven’t created a profile at the end of this email.
Another topic that recently came up was properly marking scorecards for holes not played, max score and most likely score (MLS).  If a member does not play a hole, please leave the scorecard blank for that hole.  If a hole is played and the member decides to pick up and has already exceeded the maximum score allowed (net double bogey) please mark the hole with an “X”.  Lastly if a hole is played and the member decides to pick up and score would most likely been less then the maximum score allowable, please use “X#” i.e X6. For a better understanding of MLS click here.

Thanks for your help.

GHIN Profile incomplete
Russo, Matt
Russo Jr Mike
Secondi, Al
Young, Todd

3-Day Scorecard Preview

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