GHCC – Local Rules

(Taken from GHCC scorecard as of May 2024)

NOTE: USGA rules govern all play plus the following rules below:

  • Out of bounds will be marked by either white stakes and/or white lines.
  • All flower beds are considered “Ground Under Repair”. Take nearest point of relief.
  • Embedded ball rule is in effect through the green.
  • Please do not drive carts in tall fescue grass.
  • Hole #9 – Ball on Practice Green – Relief must be taken to either nearest point of relief or designated drop area.
  • Hole #10 – If your ball is in the hedges behind the green is unplayable, relief may be taken at the nearest drop area on either side of the green or proceed under Rule 28, under penalty of one stroke. A player is not granted relief from the cart path if it is clearly unreasonable to make a stroke because of the hedges. See exception – Rule 24-2b.