2024 President’s Cup – Round 1 Pairings

Thanks to all (48 members) who have signed up for this year’s President Cup.  The first round has 16 matches with the other 32 receiving randomly generated byes into the second round.  A total listing of the bracket will be posted on the GHMA bulletin board shortly.

The first round matches are below with the 80% handicap to be used during the match.  All handicaps are calculated from the white tees.  ( Any one playing from green tees ask a board member or Ken Gemmell what the 80% appropriate handicap to use would be)

Please arrange with your opponent as soon as possible to play the match.  All matches are to be completed within 2 weeks.

Good Luck to all!!!

Richard Brown (11) vs. Mike Porto (11)

Andy Komoroski (6) vs. Dave D’Avignon (21)

Steve Korf (9) vs. Keith Grogan (12)

Ron Frate (5) vs. Rob D’Avignon (17)

Kevin Newlan (4) vs. Alan Pinto (25)

Kevin Stackpole (10) vs. Joe Ambrose Sr (12)

Scott Olexovich (7) vs. Carlos Luna (20)

Mark Novack (8) vs. Nick Degennaro (23)

Levi Santos (10) vs. Carl DeCarli (13)

Pete Dolson (8) vs. Bob Tobin (14)

Rob Batman (7) vs. Roger Labrecque (17)

Dave Mattei (9) vs. Mike Denigris (13)

Mike D’Aiuto (4) vs. Mike Tavolacci (22)

Jay Joseph (2) vs. Jay Hoha (25)

Tim Cronin (7) vs. Peter Blaney (17)

Tim Ravenelle (9) vs. Brian Santos (13)